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UK down

Tuesday 12th July 2016
6680.69 (-2.17)


Tuesday 12th July 2016
In session
Unsure - US market still in session

Three Month US AND UK Indices Comparison

US and UK Indices Correlation Chart

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How they've matched in the past
Past 5 Days:
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This Year (2017):
All Time (Since 1984):
UK and US Match Data

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So What's It All About Then?

Ever notice how when one major financial market gets a wee sniffle, world financial markets in general tend to catch a bit of a cold. And when things are running hot for the big markets, well, world indices tend to swim in a sea of upward arrows. It's a knock-on or ripple effect. The big macro-news of the day, week or month tends to influence all markets to a degree. Now, not always you must understand, and rarely with any real predictability but more and more so of late (check out the three to 12 month charts) and particularly in turbulent financial times.

So what we've done at Indices Investor is attempted to track the relationship (if you want to call it that) between the closing price direction (up or down) of two of the world financial market's larger players in the United States and the United Kingdom. And more specifically, their two leading financial indices. To do that, we've dredged up major US and UK share indices closing price data going back to 1984 so we've got a healthy sample size to work with thanks to our good friends at Yahoo Finance.

Now why the daily closing price direction (up or down) of these two indices often match (0% of the time in 2017), well that's up to you to ascertain. We make no predictions here at Indices Investor, we simply provide the data to help you to arrive at your own conclusions.

What we do know is that with a seven hour window seperating stock market happenings in New York and London, there's plenty of time to make your own decision as to whether on a given day you think the US major index will follow what the UK major index has done earlier (finishing up or down) and to place a trade on that outcome.

So what we hope is that Indices Investor becomes one of the many tools in your index-watching arsenal and when the moons align that it helps you to make a profitable trading decision or two.

If you're looking for a financial spread betting provider where you can open a position on whether a number of the world's leading stock market indices will finish up or down on a given day, we suggest you take a look at Core Spreads, the leader in financial spread trading. Their platform really is second to none.

For a financial betting experience with a difference, open an account, predict closing index direction (up or down) over a duration of your choice, select your investment and instantly see your total risk and return. provides a simple way to begin trading the indices.

Remember that past financial data is just that, it's no crystal ball as to what will happen today, tomorrow or in the future. Always be aware that there are many factors that effect markets and keep an eye on local finacial events calendars if you plan to trade on the indices.

Good luck in your trades and thanks for dropping by.

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